What is SSL

What is SSL And Why Use SSL?

If you’re running a website, it’s important to make sure that your traffic is kept safe and secure. One way to do this is by using SSL encryption. But what is SSL, and why should you use it? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what SSL is, how it works, and why you should add it to your website. We’ll also discuss some of the benefits of using SSL encryption and show you how to get started. So read on to learn more!

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is a protocol that allows encrypted communication between two computers. It’s also known as Transport Layer Security (TLS) and essentially provides a secure connection between the web browser and the server it communicates with. This makes it very useful for websites because it means that data can be securely sent between the browser and server.

Why use SSL?

So why is this so important? Well, it means that any information sent between a web browser and a website is encrypted, making the information hidden from third parties. For example, suppose you were to send sensitive information (like your credit card details) over an insecure connection. In that case, this data could be intercepted by other people listening in on the line. But because SSL encrypts this traffic, it can’t be read by anyone else – meaning that you can rest assured that your credit card details aren’t going to end up in the wrong hands.

What benefits does SSL provide?

SSL provides a number of key benefits:

  • Your visitors know they’re on a secure connection – which builds trust and makes them more comfortable sharing information.
  • Due to increased security, people are more likely to complete the checkout process on your website.
  • SSL certificates can usually be issued very quickly, meaning that you can start using them immediately.

How do I get an SSL certificate?

If you’d like to add SSL encryption to your website, you’ll need a way of providing your visitors with proof that you are who you say you are. This is where SSL certificates come in – they’re electronic files that contain information about your website and can be used to verify its security. They also provide encryption keys for your web traffic, meaning that any data sent between the server and browser will be secure.

There are various types of these certificates available, which you can view here. The most common one is known as a ” Comodo Positive SSL Certificate “and validates the authenticity of your business so that customers know they’re dealing with a legitimate company.

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Why use Comodo for your SSL Certificates?

Comodo provides a range of SSL certificates designed to help businesses protect their web traffic and build trust with their customers. All of these certificates come with a green address bar, which provides users with an extra sign of security. In addition to this, Comodo SSL certificates include a number of other benefits:

They’re trusted by 99.9% of web browsers – meaning that your visitors shouldn’t encounter any errors when browsing on your website.

They can be issued very quickly – meaning that you’ll be able to start using them almost immediately.

Comodo also offers a range of tools to help businesses use SSL certificates on their websites, including free installation guides.

So if you’d like to add an SSL certificate to your website, Comodo can help. Check out our range of SSL certificates here.