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20 Most Profitable Pet Business Ideas | Life Changer Ideas

Dog Walking

This is number one because with a little research, it will be very easy to start your own dog walking business and make anywhere between $500-$1000 per month. Most people don’t realize that dogs are scheduled for daily walks, so you’ll have no problem starting as soon as possible.

Training Dogs

There is a big market for people who want to train their own dogs. You’ll need to teach the dog how to do commands before it fails, and your business will grow very quickly.

Pet Products Business

Create pet products out of homemade products such as food, toys, or other items that pets like and sell them at pet stores or online stores like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. If you have ever gone on vacation, there was likely something your pet liked while on vacation, so why not make these products and sell them at the store.

Pet Sitter Business

A lot of people are very busy in their daily lives but still want to take care of their pets as many times they’ll leave a note saying “Please keep an eye out for Jack” or something like that, you can start with only a few animals per day until your need fills up. Another great way to make more money with this business is to put the pets in pet boarding, and then you can own your home as a single person since you’ll be at work all day.

Feeding Pets

Feeding pets is a very common and simple business. Instead of going out to eat for dinner, for example, why not cook your pet some food in their own bowl on the stove so you can save your energy to work more and make funds faster?

Pet Transport Company

If you are afraid of dogs, this will likely be something that puts fear into your heart, but trust me, it isn’t as bad as people may think. As long as you know how to behave and interact with dogs when providing pet transport, then it won’t be something that will harm either the owners or their lost dog.


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Flea and Tick Control for Pets

In the United States, it’s estimated that over 100 million commercial dogs and cats get flea bites every single year. These fleas carry harmful diseases such as anaplasmosis, eczema, and others that rapidly penetrate their bloodstream, causing them to become weak from steroids being injected into them to help with these products or medications. One free way for you can sell these treatments is to use homeopathic medicine on your dog or cat; having the product that you can get at home used to provide a freeway for everyone.

Animal Trainer and Pet Behaviorist Training

If you are the type which likes working with animals, this is a great option just like in many other fields of working because your education would be needed rather than having me as I do not have any formal training when it comes time to teach classes.

Pet Whisperer(Dog)

If you can work with animals, then this is a business that would interest all of you. This type of pet training will most likely provide many different services for clients, such as dog grooming and short-term obedience classes in which money can be made through an hourly rate for each session or live training.

Customized Dog Kennels

If you are able to build your dog kennel and be able to house Dogs for people, then this is a great pet business. This industry involves making many dogs stay in their kennels until they pay the owner back or leave them there permanently. It’s very easy since it just requires planning the location of their barns and designing appropriate cages with washable materials.

Pet Photography

Working with pictures of different animals is a very difficult area, but since these kinds of pet businesses have high profits in them, producing one or two photos can earn enough money to sustain himself. Little time needs are invested in pet photography as it can net you great profits. Like most other types of business in this article, all payoff attention by their very simple means, especially when making Pet Photography.

Dog Waste Removal

Though this is a very small type of business, Pet waste removal can actually be monetarily successful due to the need and demand that exists nowadays. There seem to be many dog owners everywhere searching for great employees who would clear their yard on time so they could enjoy whatever it was around the house with no stains or smell left behind.

Cat Houses and feeders

This kind of Pet business is an industry where money can be made if done right. And the trouble for a house with three kitties or even one with several cats in it is that owners have to spend on cat furniture such as feeders and houses depending on whether they are you purchase from pet stores or specialty shops just like those selling brand name items.

Bird Feeders and Cage Kits for Pets

This is another industry that can be very profitable. You may already have good reasons to find some materials for bird feeders. Still, now you can purchase them from experts in pet and bird businesses who have all the necessary knowledge about everything related to birds and their feeders with specific requirements for animal housing or cages which will generate a lot of income if marketed carefully at special events such as outdoor festivals.

Bathing Animals

Animals deserve to be cared for even after a bath. You can be the one to do it; invest money in this business and make sure that every pet you work with is done with love by using special fragrances as well rather than harsh chemicals they may react adversely to tod during bathing sessions.

Animal Blogger

This is another type of business you can do, but it will take a lot of time to build up your site and earn from it. On the other hand, if that’s all you have going for this type of industry, then don’t complain about lack. Make sure that there are lots of content being written and posted every day so people won’t ignore how great an idea a blog can be in terms of making money when businesses such as these become promoted in social media posts.

Lizard(s) Pet Care

Small animals such as lizards and tarantulas don’t require much, so anything less than a monetary investment per animal will still allow you to save money while having the fun of taking care of pets all by yourself without any help from anyone else would be considered ok if they didn’t cost too much to keep..

Pet Consignment Shop  

Wait… you’ve never heard of pet consignment shops? Pet sellers who specifically put their pets on the market before they sell them often keep a portion or all of the money from selling the pets, which means you could sell a pet and make extra cash to ride on all that with no labor cost involved.

Fur Dying Specialist

This is not every will be a thing of beauty – but you can try to make and sell fur products that are mostly unisex such as comforters, jackets, or accessories. However, the work required to save animals may have a slightly more emotional aspect than just making money in general because consumers care about how their purchase affects animals’ lives.

Pet Pillow Creator

Nowadays, people are more interested in features of items than their shapes and can, if you like, make different kinds of pillows, blankets, or cushion covers that look cute. As long as the products sell because they not cost much to produce, it would be just fine. Even someone with no previous experience making such things could easily do it after taking a few art classes at school while learning skills like how to use pattern makers software Photoshop.


How profitable is pet business?

Making a good profit in the pet business is already the easiest thing you have to do. There’s not much more difficult than this. You can earn $500 – $5000 easily each month.

How do I start my own pet business?

You will need to be some sort of legitimate business person, which means you must know how to make a profit; running an online pet shop is not enough. You also have the opportunity to learn how to do this even with no previous experience by taking classes in your area ( there are possibly many courses offered ).

What should I sell?

There’s a lot out there that can fit into your category, from food to clothing, anything that people might find interesting and relevant.

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