10 Best Outdoor Waterparks in Minnesota

10 Best Outdoor Waterparks in Minnesota [Top Picks]

It’s summer, and you know what that means! Time to take the kids out of school and spend some quality time with them at one of Minnesota’s best outdoor waterparks. As long as it is a warm day, there are dozens of fun things for you to do together.

There are many different parks in Minnesota but not all offer waterparks. Here are 10 of the best outdoor waterparks in Minnesota that your family will love.

Top Best Outdoor Waterparks in Minnesota

1). Mounds View Aquatic Center

Mounds View Aquatic Center is a great place to take the kids for some summer fun. The waterpark has slides, a lazy river, and a sand volleyball court. You can also bring your own picnic to enjoy in the park.

2). Apple Valley Aquatic Center

The Apple Valley Aquatic Center has a lazy river, water slides, and a sprayground. The sprayground is a great place for younger kids to cool off. You can also play volleyball, basketball, and tennis at the park.

3). Bunker Beach Water Park

There are so many fun things to do at Bunker Beach Water Park! You can enjoy the wave pool, six water slides, and a 900-foot lazy river. If you want some rest from all that swimming, there’s a sand play area for kids or volleyball courts, too – a perfect spot before going back in for another round with nature’s natural lubricant: rainwater.

There is no shortage when it comes down to deciding what type of experience people will have while visiting this expansive venue since they’re able not only to use their free time exploring various features such as climbing walls + and basketball hoops but also have access to participate fully through numerous game modes.

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4). Soak City Waterpark

There is no shortage of fun at Soak City Waterpark. There are ten attractions to keep everyone busy, including an interactive pool area for the little ones and water slides! If you need a break from all these activities, head over to Valleyfair, where they have tons more rides available such as wave pools or Hurricane Falls with Raging Rapids waiting just around each corner.

5). Wild Mountain Waterpark

Looking for a fun way to beat the heat this summer? Then head to Wild Mountain Waterpark, one of the best outdoor waterparks in Minnesota. There’s something for everyone at Wild Mountain with over four waterslides and rides. The little ones can enjoy the kiddie pool and splash pad, while older kids and adults can race down the water slides or relax in the lazy river. There’s also a sand volleyball court, an arcade, and a snack bar. So come on out and enjoy a fantastic, refreshing day at Wild Mountain Waterpark.

6). Cascade Bay Water Park

The entire family will have a blast at the water park. There is something for everyone, including tons of wet and dry land activities like sandcastles building or a kiddie area with bubblers, perfect for little ones who need extra attention while they play! There’s even one available for those interested in high thrill rides, so you won’t feel left out on your next trip down south.

The mini-golf course provides an opportunity to put what was learned about managing wind patterns during floating mode into practice by using clubs instead without getting too far away from shoreline access points along either side.

7). North Commons Waterpark

North Commons Waterpark is one of the best outdoor waterparks in Minnesota. The waterpark features a lazy river, slides, and a splash pad. There is also a concession stand and a picnic area. The waterpark is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Admission is free for children under two years old, and discounts are available for seniors, military personnel, and groups.

8). Kamp Dels Waterpark

Kamp Dels Waterpark offers an ultimate camping experience with its very own waterpark. It has two slides, a wall climb, and a volleyball court, but if that’s not enough, there are also basketball courts for your enjoyment! You can visit this pool on any day of the week because they offer both days passes or stay at one park all summer long by paying extra fees, which include access to games including mini-golfing plus fishing either in Lake Sakatah pond or take out the boat from the shoreline when weather permits; so do not hesitate – go ahead book now.

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9). Grove Cove Aquatic Center

The Grove Cove Aquatic Center in Maple Grove is the perfect spot for families looking to get wet this summer! There’s an outdoor waterpark with lazy rivers, zero-depth beaches, and more. But that isn’t even all – they also have indoor areas filled up with tons of fun activities, including a 130-foot slide plus two other smaller ones just waiting their turn at bat (so say)!

10). SandVenture Aquatic Park

If you’re looking for a great place to spend your day, SandVenture is perfect. The scenic area has endless amounts of sand and clear waters that will delight any water lover! For those who want an even more exciting experience, three hundred-foot waterslide and two drop slides make this resort ideal no matter what thrill-seeker is inside them.

Last Words:

There you have it! The 10 best outdoor waterparks in Minnesota. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the summer sun!

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